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Our 4-day Foundation programme enables aspiring coaches to develop their own coaching template. Learn where to start, how to build skills, create a the team, and a framework for patterns of play. Learning from the worlds’ greatest coaches, you will leave with a detailed plan going forward.

Topics Covered:


  • Finding your coaching philosophy

  • Team culture

  • Planning your season  

  • Building a skills plan

  • Game based learning

  • Building a scrum   

  • Principals of attack and defence

  • Ball into contact

  • Building a lineout

Online Course Presenters (TBC):



Course details:

Course Tutors / Presenters TBC 

Start Date            :      22nd Aug 2024

End Date             :      25th  Aug 2024 


Capacity              :       14 per course

Price                    :       $ 1 750 NZD

Sessions run as follows: 

Thursday and Friday from 8am – 11:30am NZDT

Saturday and Sunday from 8am – 1pm NZDT

(New Zealand dates and times are shown. Please apply this to your own time zone) 




22 - 25



Stage 1 : Foundation

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