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How do I apply?

Application forms for all our courses can be completed online via our website. Once you’ve found your desired course, you can apply by clicking the ‘Apply’ button on the course page.

Once you’ve submitted an application, your reference will be contacted by email and/or by phone. 

The applicant’s details will then be reviewed and you will either be contacted regarding any further information required, or you will receive an ‘Offer of Place’ for the Course by email.

This email contains a set of forms that must be completed by (or on behalf of) the participant, and returned to our office. Once these have been received, we can send you an invoice for the course.

If you have questions or require assistance before you complete an application, please contact us.

Are any qualifications required before attending a course?

Qualifications are not required before attending an IRANZ course. However, some courses require a specific level of ability and might not be suitable for all participants.

Upon application, our staff will review your experience and ability, which includes contacting the ‘character reference’ provided with your application.

An IRANZ staff member will recommend attending a different course where appropriate.

I don’t know which course to attend?

Browsing Our courses  provides relevant details such as length, price, age, ability etc. of each course.

If you’re still unsure of what course you should attend, please contact us for assistance from an IRANZ staff member.

I’m very interested in attending a course but might have trouble with the course Fees…

Our staff can provide payment plans and advice regarding the various funding avenues, sponsorship and scholarship opportunities available for both domestic and international players and coaches.

Please contact us if you require further detail.

What is covered under the Course Fees?

Our Set courses are full immersion – which means participants are provided with food, accommodation and amenities to stay on-site at the Sport and Rugby Institute for the duration of the course.

All of these costs, plus all course material and tuition is covered under your course fees for the full duration of the course.

If you are travelling to Palmerston North for a course by plane or bus, IRANZ will also organise and cover your taxis between the Sport & Rugby Institute and the airport/bus stop on arrival and departure.

However all other travel expenses (e.g. flights) are not included.

Do you offer personalised courses? / Are courses offered outside of Palmerston North?

The International Rugby Academy offer Customised courses on request which are tailor-made programmes to your very requirements.

These are perfect for groups (normally schools or clubs) that would like a personalised programme in a location of their choice, or on-site at the Sport and Rugby Institute.

I’m still not sure what to expect on the course…

While each of our courses are designed differently relative to the age and/or ability of the player or coach, all courses follow a similar style to provide what we call the ‘IRANZ experience’.

The video below will help you understand what to expect on an IRANZ course.

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