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High Performance Players Course

Course Details

An intensive 16 day residential course designed for players aged 18 years and over, the High Performance programme simulates the professional rugby environment, demanding participants to perform and manage themselves at a level that is expected in the professional game today.

Course modules;

The High Performance Players Course includes the following modules:

  • Advanced strength and conditioning skills – strength, power and speed

  • Advanced nutrition

  • Professional video review and the Game-Analysis process

  • The self-review and improvement process

  • Advanced rugby intelligence & tactical awareness

  • Team cohesion and game plan comprehension

  • Intensive position-specific appraisal – covering all skills, roles and responsibilities required

  • Comprehensive individual skill assessments

    • Short, medium and long passing – left to right, and right to left

    • Tackle technique

  • Extensive 1:1 coaching

  • Self-management & leadership

  • Mind management & mental skills

  • Recovery protocols

  • Career development

  • Media & presentation skills

  • Injury prevention and recovery regimes

Course Details;

Start Date                    22 February 2025 09:00 am

End Date                     09 March 2025 12:30 pm

Capacity                       30


Cost Details;

Course Fees vary depending on location of course and tutors involved.  Contact us for details.  Note cost of air travel to the course facility is not included in the course fee.  Fee free payment plans and group discounts are available.  Fill out an expression of interest below for more information.

Course fees include:

  • 1 x Course Assessment

    • A highly comprehensive appraisal that provides insight into the participant’s technical, tactical, physical and mental attributes – and key work-ons/improvement required to be considered at a professional level

  • 1 x Position-Specific Assessment

    • An extensive evaluation discussing the participant’s positional future in the game, identifying player strengths and key work-ons for optimal improvement

  • 1 x Strength and Conditioning programme

    • Informed by your Position-Specific Assessment, Course Assessment and Fitness Testing results, participants are provided with a Strength and Conditioning programme to work on after the programme is complete

  • All training and tuition

  • An IRANZ training shirt

  • All food for the duration of the programme (fully catered)

  • Accommodation for the full duration of the programme (11 nights)




22 - 09



High Performance
Players Course
High Performance
Players Course

Expression of Interest

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